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Foams Set - Holden HSV VE GTS style - 2 front seats upgrade

Foams Set - Holden HSV VE GTS style - 2 front seats upgrade

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Foams Set for 2 front seats - Holden HSV VE GTS style.

Fits on all VE model frames.

Upgrade your standard VE seats to VE GTS/Maloo style seats with this full front 2 seats upgrade kit that includes all foam parts.

Add one of our leather trim kits to complete the upgrade.

Much sportier, far more supportive & way comfier than the other VE basic seats.


2x backrest foams

2x cushion base foams

2x headrest foams

We can also install this for you! Email or message us to discuss your project.


PU Foam



2 Year

Care Guide

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What is a Leather Seats Trim Kit?

Check out this video where Cam (Owner & MD of Cam's Leather Seats) gives you a run down of exactly what a leather seats trim kit is and a brief guide of how they are installed.

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  • Best patterns in Australia

    All our patterns are excellent and personally developed by Cam, an award winning motor trimmer with over 25 years experience developing patterns for Holden, Ford and many other manufacturers so you are assured a fantastic factory fit. 

  • Attention to detail

    Our leather seats trim kits are made with a huge amount of attention to detail so we can offer you the best aftermarket option available and at a fraction of the cost of oem leather trims, if you could find them.