We cut & sew it, you install it!

We create leather seats trim skins kits for self installation, install by a local trim shop or we can install it also at our Croydon VIC workshop.

  • SeatSkins Leather Trim Kits – Your Ultimate Destination for exceptional Car Upholstery

    Car upholstery is one of the most cost-effective methods for customising your car interior! Visualise your car with a comfortable, high quality leather interior. Sounds stunning, right! To turn your imagination into reality, speak to the best leather car upholstery shop in Melbourne, SeatSkins Leather Trim Kits.

  • Transform Your Vehicle with a Luxurious Leather Interior

    Transform your vehicle’s interior with our custom-made car upholstery available at a competitive price. We only use high quality automotive grade leather which passes & exceeds all Australian automotive leather standards, so you can be assured of the best auto upholstery in Melbourne. 

  • Highest Quality, materials, service and expertise

    Being passionate about creating beautifully finished auto upholstery, we can re-trim or repair the interior of any make or model, using the highest quality leather.
    So, if you need to enhance your car’s interior, invest in auto upholstery. It will not only provide you comfort and elegance but will also enhance the resale value of your vehicle.

Trim Kits, Console Covers, Door trim parts, Foams, Accessories and fitting tools.

What is a Leather Seats Trim Kit?